Thursday, March 31, 2011

Adios March, Aloha April

In March I dodged a lot of road kill, read some interesting books, tried to train my hair to need less shampoo (unsuccessfully), bought a lot of GLEE songs with my iTunes gift card, joined the gym, said goodbye to the snow (hopefully), splurged on something to make the solo gym days more fun, let my apartment get messy, did away with Flashback Friday (because no one reads blogs on Friday) and adopted Six on Sunday (because I like making lists!)*, ate a lot of string cheese, stopped eating Easter candy, blog stalked some new people, and made yummy waffles (and by made I mean put chocolate chips, strawberries, and cream on top of toasted frozen waffles.)

My one goal for March was to sign up to substitute.  Of course me being me, this took about 3.5 weeks to accomplish but I am officially a substitute teacher...I think.  (I haven't actually been called to sub yet.)

March is typically one of those months that seems to go on forever but it flew by for me.  Probably because of that whole not doing anything productive with my life thing.  Of course when you want time to slow down it inevitably goes by even faster.  In February, I commented that with March comes spring.  I was mistaken.  March brings mud and roadkill season.  Hopefully April will bring spring.

In April, I want to do 3 things:
1. Work.  In a classroom.  As a teacher.
2.  Get back on track with The List.
3.  Cook more.  Bake more.

* Just spelled because wrong in three different ways (becuase, becasue, and becuse) because I'm super talented.


  1. Can I be added to your list for the end of April or end of May? I'd like to see you :-)

  2. ugh...I suppose. Haha I am headed west next weekend and during April vacation week so that is a definite possibility!


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