Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today I...

...lived in a snow globe.  Despite it being above freezing, there were flurries in the air all day (minus the two minute icy blizzard I drove through on the way to dinner!)  No actual snow landed on the ground.  Instead, flakes just floated around and around.

Yes, my eyelashes are almost as long as my four fingers.  What?

...eagerly accepted a dinner invite for grilled pizza at my parent's house.  The spring snow has me grasping at anything that hints towards warm weather.

...went to the gym.  I've stopped mooching off K's guest pass and officially joined to work towards #19 on The ListK has also committed to running a 5K although, as a college athlete she should meet that goal much sooner than me (whose only claim to athleticism is Wii bowling.)  *Bonus:  I brought a book to the gym so I could multitask and work towards #2 and #19 simultaneously.

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