Thursday, March 10, 2011

Birds vs. Babies

Convos with a BabyMomma
3/9/11 via text:

Amy:  I had a dream last night that you and I were walking around and a bird pooped on me then I wiped it on you.

S:  Thanks a lot.

A:  It was my subconscious sharing the luck with you!

S:  I don't understand why bird poop is supposed to be lucky.  I think that was made up to make the person who got shit on feel better.  I don't feel lucky when M poops on me. (M is the baby of S)

A:  Gross.  But she is not a bird.

S:  No but you think a baby would be better luck than a stupid bird.

A:  But birds fly.  Babies are just a money bills.

S:  But babies also love you back.  Birds just poop on you.

A:  But you can't eat least not without landing yourself on the news.

S:  Babies can support you in your old age.

A:  Not if you don't have babies.  And birds used to be dinosaurs.

S:  Not according to the Bible.  Don't make the Baby Jesus cry.

A:  You just had to throw down the Baby Jesus! 

S:  Haha.  Yeah that was a low blow.



  1. The Baby Jesus wins ALL arguments!

  2. Baby Jesus is a good trump card. Almost as good as Helen Keller.


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