Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cooking With Amy: Banana Bread (Muffin) Edition

My bananas are black.  And when I say black, I mean basically mummified.  Banana bread?  Yes, please.

In true Cooking with Amy fashion, this was a project. 

On Monday:  I was ready to bake bread but I had no baking soda.  (I have a mental block when it comes to baking soda/powder.  I always assume that baking soda is in the red, soda-shaped can.  It's not.  It's in the yellow, put-it-in-your-fridge box.  So I did in fact have baking soda but I did not realize this until today.)

On Tuesday:  I went to the grocery store to get baking soda.  (See above)  So now I own baking soda AND baking powder.  I was ready to bake bread but I had no eggs.

On Wednesday:  I went to the grocery store to get eggs.  I bought 12 but I only needed 1.  I was ready to bake bread and I did!

I mixed.  (This kind of looks like M's food.)

I scooped.

I baked. 

I ate.

And I totally looked the part.*

Banana bread baking post-mortem:
-Making the mess > cleaning up the mess.
-Muffins cook so much faster than loaves.
-The muffins cooked a bit too long.
-The muffins don't taste like much.  I think they needed about 3 more bananas.
-Foil cupcake wrappers > paper cupcake wrappers.  They come off clean and add a bit of pizazz.  They are however, a no-no when it comes to reheating in the microwave.

Despite the fact that I envisioned yeast and rising when I put #13 on The List, I am totally counting my banana bread muffins as 1/13. 

*The apron was from the BFF to aid in future cooking endeavors.  The only problem is it is too pretty to wipe goopey banana covered fingers on.  Incidentally, I also have this problem with using new crayons.



  1. Hooray for the snazzy apron! I want to eat your muffins! They look good.

  2. is it bad that "I want to eat your muffins" sounded dirty to me??

  3. I thought it sounded dirty too. Those bananas look like Adam Sandler's foot in Mr. Deeds.


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