Sunday, March 20, 2011

Six On Sunday

1.  IT'S SPRING...a mere 6.5 weeks after the land beaver promised it to us.  The snow banks are melting and the mud is forming.  It is light out until 7 at night which is great for this girl who doesn't really begin her days until noonish.  And...the most exciting part...flip flops! 

2.  I took a break from the Easter candy and practiced my housewife skills by cooking a delish poultry stromboli (I say poultry because it had chicken sausage and turkey pepperoni) and a wonderful summer spring treat.

3.  I was sitting at B&N yesterday reading about Screech boning 2,000 chicks (more on that later) and noticed a hot, hot boy across the way.

Via text:
Me:  There is a hot, hot boy at B&N!
S: (being encouraging)  You should talk to the hot boy.  Read any good books lately hot boy?
K:  (being not so encouraging)  Hot, hot boys don't read!

4.  Saw the SUPERMOON!  It was bright...just like they said it would be.

Obv. my night photography skills leave something to be desired.
 5.  Learned that Knut the polar bear is no more.  He went from cute, fuzzy, international superstar...

to child eating death machine...

to dead in 4 short years...I bet PETA is going to be all over this.

6.  Typically, I buy wine of such caliber that it comes with a plastic/rubber, faux* cork (okay and one time it came with a screw top).  So imagine my surprise when my white zinfandel (which sounds way more grown up that saying pink wine) had a real cork! 

Naturally, I botched the extraction and fished many bits of floating cork from my glass...story of my life.

* Spell check doesn't know the word faux.  Get on that Blogger.


  1. Yea...K was probably right. So instead, you should have gone up to him and said, "Hey, what you brings to Barnes and Nobles on this fine Saturday afternoon?!? Hot, Hot boys like you don't read, but I'm okay with that."

  2. I agree with Summer, you should have used that pick up line. Its the backhanded compliment that guys swear works on girls. I bet it works on hot, hot boys too.


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