Monday, March 14, 2011

Six On Sunday (On Monday)

1. K and O came over on Saturday to craft. Instead we ate stromboli and oreos, realized a common love of country song movies, and because of this:

I tried new foods drinks!

The Sweet Red took me back to the days of Arbor Mist...only in wine glasses instead of plastic cups.  But the Sun Drop made me fear for my health because it looked like this:

2.  Met some townies Saturday night.  You know the friends since high school, their first question is "when did you graduate" then, "oh, do you know (fill in the name of guy you don't know)."

3.  Discovered "My So-Called Life" on Netflix Instant.  HORRIFIED to find out that K has no idea who Jordan Catalano is!

4.  Cursed the city of Lowell for turning my free parking zone into a tow zone sometime in the last month.

5.  Entertained the thought of having a baby for like 42 seconds while making the cutest baby alive giggle.  Was rewarded with a chocolate donut after M spit up on me...I think S may be conditioning me for something.

6.  Went grocery shopping and bought all sorts of things to make wonderful meals...then had bagel bites for dinner.

What did you do this weekend?



  1. Wow, 42 seconds, that's impressive. I haven't ever tried Sun Drop, I do love making babies giggle, the parking violation sucks, and now I want Oreos.

  2. Mmmmm oreos. I have 1.82 liters of Sun Drop left if you're interested?? Someone refused to take it home with her.

  3. I'm going to give you a chocolate donut every time Maddie pikes, drools, or poops on you. Pretty soon you'll be begging for some epic baby goo.


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