Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Audience Participation Required

I can listen to the same song on repeat for HOURS.  And I can listen to the same CD in my car for MONTHS.  But I am in dire need of a new gym mix to fill this bad boy girl up. 

I will accept any and all song suggestions.  I listen to and enjoy almost every kind of music.  New and old.  Cheesy and um...not cheesy.  My only requirement is that it be somewhat peppy (read: fast or strong beat) to keep me going.

So here is where you come in.  I need all my lovely readers...official followers and secret stalkers to leave a comment suggesting a new song(s) for my gym playlist.  I want to hear from everyone.  No excuses!  (You can comment anonymously if you feel so inclined.)



  1. For working out, I like:
    Love roller coaster - red hot chili peppers
    Walking on sunshine
    Beat it
    Sir duke
    Baby got back

  2. My gym mix is a combo of dance songs (also used while getting ready for a night on the town) and jazzercise music. Check out the jazzercise playlists and you'll find lots of stuff with good tempos. Here's a short list:
    Turnin' Me On- Keri Hilson w/ Lil Wayne
    Carry Out- Timbaland w/ Justin Timberlake
    Outta Your Mind- Lil John and LMFAO
    All I Ever Wanted (Radio Edit- Basshunter
    Uprising- Muse

  3. Thanks ladies! I was about to give up.

  4. I like bubblegum pop/dance stuff for my gym mix. So in all honesty I mostly listen to Miley, Ashley Tisdale etc. Here are my favs:

    What the Hell - Avril Lavigne
    Blame it on the Beat - Ashley Tisdale
    Pumpkin Soup - Kate Nash
    Double Talk - Emily Osment
    The Big Bang - Rock Mafia


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