Thursday, May 5, 2011

BP Recap Just In Time For Cinco de Mayo


The 12 hour affair began with a bowling themed engagement party.  And by bowling themed I mean we wore rented shoes and rolled big balls down wooden alleys at pins.  I was on a team with bowling sharks and although no one was particularly taking the bowling seriously, ALL of my team members broke 100 points while I managed a meager 67.

While bowling we ate, drank, and watched a gaggle of 12 year old girls do the "Cha Cha Slide".  Everyone signed a bowling pin for the happy couple and had a champagne toast.  In an effort to redeem myself, I harnessed my powers of estimation and guessed how many photos D had taken of O-town during their relationship.  I guessed 400 and the answer was 397...Vegas anyone?  For my awesomeness, I was rewarded with this:

I don't drink beer so I let the others have at it but I am def. saving that jug!
Fast forward to several hours later and the girls hit up a Mexican restaurant for some margaritas and food.  I was peer pressured into trying guacamole for the second time and I still didn't like it.  Everyone was dressed in their disco best for the evening festivities and I made friends with an older gentlemen who inquired about why we were dressed so strange.

After dinner, we headed to The Donkey Show (no not that kind of donkey show) in Boston.  It was a disco themed event that told a somewhat altered version of A Midsummer Night's DreamO-town danced on a platform with a guy wearing Converse, soccer socks, and tiny shorts and M got to ride through the "car wash" during the show!  We bathed ourselves in glitter, rocked disco ball necklaces and danced until last call.  In short, it was a pretty fabulous evening.

Sadly, I left my camera at home but here are some of the "official" photos from The Donkey Show website.

FYI:  That is glitter not sweat.

Best quotes of the night:

"Can you find the guy with the margaritas?  He is skinny and surprisingly attractive for a small man."

(To the limo driver) "Just to be clear, I am not offering you pot right now."


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  1. um, yes it was that type of donkey show! Were you in the bathroom when they announced the adult entertainmen? It was a dance interpretaion, but a donkey show none the less!


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