Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm The Girl...

Who ALWAYS broke the chain letter.

For those of you my age, remember back before email when friends would send chain mail to your house?  Like with the mailman?  You were supposed to then rewrite the letter and send it to (insert some number here) people or you would have bad luck for a billion years.  Come to think of it...maybe all that promised back luck is coming to fruition.*

Here is the part where I try to segue from chain mail to blog awards without making me seem ungrateful and making the people who gave them to me feel like they want to unfollow me.  For the record, I absolutely appreciate being thought of when it came time to forwarding awards (even if I feel like I didn't deserve them).  And the only comparison I'm drawing between chain mail and blog awards is the Amy ignores them aspect.

I've been given three awards by three wonderful bloggers and I've ignored all of them...until now.  Back in March, Miss Jenna bestowed upon me The Versatile Blogger Award.

Jumble Mash gave me an award for being an awesome guest poster on her blog.

And finally, Sunshine told me I am my blog is stylish.

To accept a blog award you are supposed to list some number of facts about yourself.  Because I love lists here are some more things about me:

-  The saying "better late than never" applies to 90% of my life.
-  I like to eat cinnamon Life cereal out of the box with my fingers.
-  Barnes and Noble is one of my favorite places ever!
-  I want to be an author. 
-  I just need a book idea.
-  I always liked the numbers 13 and 3.
-  But I think my lucky number is 4.
-  I made a delicious stir fry for dinner last night.
-  Baths kind of creep me out.
-  I need to learn how video G-Chat works before Friday.
-  My head wants to run a 5K but my body is not cooperating.
-  Sometimes I think I'm too cool for Blogger...
-  But actually I just think that Tumblr would be more receptive to my urge to post 4 blogs a day.

* This cannot be true as I make my own luck.  Just like that guy in Titanic mind.



  1. Amy! I'll say it again, my friend....I just LOVE your blog! I love the natural way you use your words and describe the humor and insights of everyday life's adventures. Great blogging and glad that others are noticing :)

  2. I'm the girl who only got one chain letter, got super excited to actually get one, and then lost her mind when her step father ripped it up in front of her into tiny pieces...

  3. Molly - I'm soooo excited about our gchat date!

    Sunshine - Aww that is sad. I could mail you a letter that promises you back luck if you don't send it to 10 people!

  4. what is tumblr?

    also, have you thought about doing a warrior dash 5k instead of a normal running one?

  5. Steph - Tumblr is a different blog platform...kind of a cross between Blogger and Twitter.

    And if I'm not mistaken a warrior dash involves mud does it not?

  6. - I want to be an author.
    - I just need a book idea.



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