Sunday, May 15, 2011

Six On Sunday

How is May half over already?  Last week kind of got away from me blogging-wise.  I had a lot of almost-posts which all ended up being not-quite posts.  Then, the longer I went without posting the harder it was to write something...anything.  And then Blogger broke for two days.  But here are six of the things I did, thought, saw, or loved this past week.

1.  I had an online chat date with M and we tried to figure out gchat...rather unsuccessfully.

So we gave up and had a wonderful chat on Skype instead.

Something was HILARIOUS!
2.  I wanted to make the perfect birthday cupcakes for S.  I went to the store, list in hand and filled my cart with all the goodies needed to make chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter filling/frosting.  When I got into the check out line I realized I didn't have my wallet.  Embarrassed, I asked if I could leave my cart there while I ran to my car to get it.  I ran out to my car and grabbed my wallet and got back in line.  My wallet was feeling super thin so I opened it and it was EMPTY.  You see...the weekend before when I went to O-town's Bachelorette Party I put my cash, cards, and license into my wristlet...which was safely at home...while I was at the store with an empty wallet. 

We made do with Hostess cupcakes instead.
3.  In my effort to walk 31 miles in May (even though I've temporarily stalled at 10) I realized I'm in dire need of new sneakers.  I have been cursed with the widest feet on the whole planet and tried on so many sneakers to no avail.
Seriously...I tried on a lot.
I ended up buying 3 pairs with the intention of trying them on again at home to decide if any of them were keepers.  And after my day long search...I found them!

4.  This whole rain thing is not conducive to my walk 31 miles in May plan.  I would much rather walk outside than on the treadmill but I do not like to get all (unless it involves swimming).

5.  I cooked a lot of meals this week but that didn't stop me from eating cereal out of a coffee mug.

6.  I cooked two different stir fry meals this week.  Stir fry #1 was shrimp, zucchini, noodles and sauce.  Stir fry #2 was chicken, summer squash (which I think is just yellow zucchini), broccoli, asparagus, noodles and sauce.  I got a bit over-confident in my pan flipping abilities and had quite the veggie over board situation.

But let's be frank...I absolutely scooped it right back into the pan and enjoyed it for dinner and lunch the next day.



  1. Bahaha- I scoop mine back into the pan too. No one's going to notice!

  2. HAAAA!!!!!! Yay for pictures of our skype chat! Love the picture of the stove and the pan...too funny and has happened to me too many times as well.


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