Sunday, May 8, 2011

Six On Sunday: Mother's Day Edition

1.  Thank you for teaching me valuable life which day is the best to buy plane tickets and that paying my credit card bill is non-negotiable.

2.  Thank you for taking care of the time I needed to get my wisdom teeth out.  You took me to the oral surgeon and didn't make fun of me while I was hopped up on pain killers.  Also, thank you for never filming me saying stupid things and putting it on YouTube.

3. Thank you for never letting me get a perm. I know you rocked one for most of the 80's but you convinced me to stick with the naturally curly-ish mess I was born with.

For the record, I (mostly) grew out of these curls.
4.  Thank you for letting me use your washer to do my laundry even though I am almost a grownup.

5.  Thank you for being too awesome to buy a mini van even though I thought they were cool and asked you to get one.  (Especially because you are already what I would call an "aggressive" driver and if you drove a mini van I fear you would become one of these ladies.)

6.  Thank you for putting up with my when I decide it's time for a photo shoot even when you are feeling shy.

Happy Mother's Day! 
I love you!



  1. I have a new blog for you to stalk...or at least I will be stalking her:

  2. Amy, this is adorable! I love the pictures :)


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