Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Couldn't Do This Again If I Tried...

DisclaimerBefore reading you have to promise not to judge me for my dirty stove.

Last evening, I decided to make some chicken.  This is how it went down:

I grab my kitchen shears and start hacking a chicken breast into pieces that cook super fast.  I picked up the pan and gave the chicken a toss and I made a mess...surprise, surprise.  If you recall, I recently had a food flipping blunder while preparing a stir fry.  This time it was even more impressive. 

Here is my chicken in the pan on the front, left burner.

As I toss the chicken so it will cook evenly, one rogue piece escapes the pan and sails towards the back, left burner.  The piece of chicken manages to land at such an angle that it fell through the coil of the burner and right into the little metal tube thing.  (I call it the little metal tube thing because I have no idea what it is and couldn't begin to tell you what it is for.)

Seriously?  Luckily there is some type of vent or grate in the little metal tube thing because I can't tell you where that piece of chicken would have ended up otherwise.

At this point the stove is still on and I'm freaking out a bit wondering if this piece of chicken is going to catch on fire (I have a hypochondriacal fear of fire).  So I did what any smart lady would do.  I went all MacGuyver with my kitchen shears and fished that piece of chicken out of the little metal tube thing in my stove.

Obviously after the piece of chicken was recovered, I reenacted the rescue so I could document my crazy.


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