Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Has Anyone Seen My Will To Blog?

I've misplaced my blogging mojo again.  When I asked for blog ideas, it was because I knew my mojo was fading and I was hoping for blog requests like, tell me about every pet you've ever had, describe in detail what you would do with 50 dollars in quarters, or discuss every awesome moment you ever had at camp.  No such luck.

But...today Jenna posted about receiving The Overlord Award and she passed it on to me.  Well she passed it to an Amy and I am going to assume that I am the only Amy she could possibly be talking about.  Ha.

So not only did this give me an excuse reason to blog but I get to change three things about the world...or at least tell you three things I would change about the world.

Number 1:  I would cancel Fox News.  All of Fox News.  Even watching Jon Stewart make fun of Fox News makes me cringe.  Be gone.

Number 2:  I would make teleportation a reality.  How awesome would it be to be able to have dinner with friends that live across the country or across the world whenever you wanted?  Just to be clear, it would be super awesome.

Number 3:  I would invent a live action do over.  You would be able to rewind time only a moment or so in order to have a do over.  For example, I could re-do the moment when I got home from doing 4 miles at the gym.  I took off my sneakers, stepped onto my tile floor and slipped in my socks, twisting my knee.  In my live action re-do I would leave my sneakers on...or take off my socks thus preventing my current achy knee/awkward limp situation.

So there you have it.  If I could change things in the world they would be magical things.  The rules didn't specify realistic/imaginary changes so I just ran with it.

What would you change about the world?



  1. I love your number 2, because that would, in essence, make that ice-cream-brooklyn-bridge-thing a reality...

    and, if I could change the world, I would change:
    1.) my coffee from dunkin donuts would be free forever.
    2.) Phil collins wouldn't exist (as an artist, I dont want him to die/never have been born, but I can live without hearing "In the air of the night" ever again).
    3.) There would be a few more hours in the day, and we'd just have less days of the year, so I could get things done and have the right amount of time to sleep.

    Go us.

  2. Free Dunks...agreed. And free Starbucks while we're at it.

  3. Miss Amy... since you need to find your will to blog, I would like to request a story... I'd really like to know wtf a mini book is, and what you do with it. =) like a how-to for Dummies (or val). Thanks, go.

  4. I immediately decided that teleportation would cause a LOT more awkward moments. The world of Harry Potter seemed to skate around the inevitably of popping in on some pretty unpleasant things.

    I have also lost my will to blog, or in reality, been extremely busy, but I will take my 3 things I would change about the world over to my blog and answer it there :-)

  5. Oh Amy, how I also loathe and despise Fox news....can em'! I also love the idea of teleportation as it is soooo Harry Potter like previously mentioned. Get yourself over here! I got some ice cream in the freezer. Hope your knee is on the mend. I think my #1 would be to rid the world of spiders. I know, I know, we would then have more flies, ect. Oh well. #2 would have to be that chocolate would no longer contain any calories! Win-win for humanity. #3- Animals could talk! I've always wanted to know what my cat was thinking, although it would probably be extremely boring dialog.

  6. Molly - Let's make your #2 happen! OMG that would be the best thing ever.

    P.S. Your cat is saying, "If only my mouth were big enough I would eat Molly because I am just a tiny lion."


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