Friday, May 13, 2011

Remember The Time...

I got schooled by an 8 year old?  Yeah, that was today.

I was teaching 3rd grade and we were reading a National Geographic article about polar bears.  I pointed out that polar bears may go extinct if we don't help protect their habitat.  We listed some extinct animals like the dodo, dinosaurs, and the quagga (half horse, half zebra).  Then the following conversation ensued:

Student:  Passenger pigeons are extinct.
Me:  No they aren't.  I know someone who raises them.
Student:  No those are carrier pigeons. They are different.  Passenger pigeons are extinct.  The last one died on September 1, 1914.*
Me:  Oh.

Later in the day during independent reading time the passenger pigeon kid was "reading" a Where's Waldo book so I pointed out Waldo before he could find him.

Passenger pigeon kid: 1
Amy: 1

* This is true.  I don't know why he knew that fact but I Googled it when I got home.



  1. That's ok, I once said to a five year old, " oh, Jason Pollack, like the artist" and he said, "you mean Jackson pollack?" he was five! I suck,

  2. You know my child arguments (fancy Amy cross out, corrected with discussions). Seals vs. otters (still slightly ashamed of myself) and Sharks vs. Jack Frost (still totally impressed that a 4th grader has me convinced Jack Frost may in fact be a shark!).


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