Sunday, May 1, 2011

April was Blogapalooza

In April I listened to a lot of Adele,  was a substitute teacher for 5th and 6th grade, slacked on the crafting, slacked on the gym, and slacked on the social visits.  I ate more Easter candy (Easter season seemed to rival Christmas season this year), started watching Castle from the beginning, celebrated O-town's impending nuptuals with a fab bachelorette party, averaged a blog post per day, was a guest blogger over at Jumble Mash, played math tutor and killed a lot of bugs.

At the beginning of the month I felt on top of the world.  But the last two weeks of April my spirits took a face plant into the world of substitute teaching.  I had to try out the whole, "if you force a smile you will eventually feel better" theory.  Some days it worked better than others.  But May is a new month...and if you know me you know there are few things I love more than a new beginning. 

Also May is an anagram for that must be good luck.

My April goals were:
1.  Work.  In a classroom.  As a teacher.  Done, done and done.
2.  Get back on track with The List.  Still working at on-going goals but I did have a friend conned into offer to help.
3.  Cook more.  Bake more.  I cooked and cooked but didn't bake.  Boo.

In May I want to:
1.  Walk 31 miles.
2.  Buy new sneakers.
3.  Cross at least one thing off The List.

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