Monday, April 4, 2011

Cooking With Amy: Dad's Birthday Edition

In my family the birthday boy/girl gets to choose whatever they want for a special birthday dinner.  It typically takes me forever to decide but I ALWAYS make a choice otherwise who knows what my dad would make for me.  (This is a man who fed me shark once and told me it was swordfish.)

My dad's birthday was Saturday (Happy Birthday Dad!) and the only instructions he gave for his birthday dinner were, "Surprise me."  Hmmm.  For my mother's birthday, I made yummy crab rangoon and wondered if I could use egg roll wrappers to make ravioli.  You can.  Or at least I can.

I used ricotta and parmesan cheese mixed with spinach for a filling and practiced making different sizes and shapes with the egg roll wrappers.  (A note on spinach:  what a strange vegetable!  As I squeezed the water out of it, it molded into a baseball sized, green handful of mush.)  I also made some tortellini to freeze for later!

The wrappers are so thin that they barely require cooking.  I just tossed them into boiling water for 1-2 minutes and they were done...and delicious.

Because my Christmas Eve trifle was such a success, I attempted to replicate it by making a free standing trifle.  I had to make my own pound cake this time so I tried to make it extra lemony, but most of the lemon rind stuck to the beaters...which I only noticed after I licked the beater (don't pretend you don't do that) and it was quite tart.

I tapped into my architectural skills to construct three layers of goodness.  The whipped cream was the mortar to my pound cake bricks.  It also served as a dam to keep the smashed raspberries from escaping. 

It wasn't as neat looking as the trifle but it tasted just as good!


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