Sunday, April 3, 2011

Six On Sunday

1. I learned a valuable life lesson this week.  Tuna and pasta is not a good pre-gym meal.  Especially when you jump on the elliptical, set it to level 10, and try to do 3.1 miles.  I made it 1 mile and did not feel great but thought I was just being a wuss so I soldiered on.  At 1.5 miles, I exercised (get it exercised?) good judgement and stopped.  At 1.6 miles I would have been that girl.  The girl who vomits in public, all over the gym equipment.  Lesson learned.

2.  Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon are BFF for 6 months.  Colbert donated Fallon's money to charity and in return performed the worst song ever the song "Friday" on Fallon's show.  It was awesome.

3. One of my April goals is to cook more.  I've already started working towards this goal and a new Cooking with Amy segment is imminent.  Here's a sneak peak.  Ten points if you guess what I made!

My fingers are short but I swear they are not that short.  It must be an optical illusion.
4.  I'm getting excited about Weddingpalooza 2011.  This summer a whole bunch of lovely ladies are getting married which means pretty dresses, drinks and dancing, and crossing new states off my Places to Visit list.

5.  It's funny how 53 degrees in the fall means socks and sweatshirts but 53 in the spring means this:

One of my favorite things ever is driving around aimlessly, windows down and music up.  Obviously that time is now.

6.  I've been wondering if the inmates who pick up trash on the side of the highway are also responsible for scraping up all the roadkill.  Or will the turkey vultures eventually take care of that?

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