Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Amy Does Subbing: Day One

My recap as promised.

6:32 AM  The phone rings and I don't know what is happening.  I manage to grab it, stumble out of bed into the other room (which is the only room in my apt. where I get cell service) and agree to play teacher for the day.

6:33 AM  Not quite conscious yet, I try to do the math to see if I have time to go back to sleep.  I don't.

7:15 AM  I realize that avoiding laundry has finally caught up to me.  I put on pants.  Just pants.

7:20 AM  Blow dry my hair wearing only pants.

7:30 AM  Remind myself I cannot leave the house without a shirt.  Dig a shirt out of some clean(?) laundry on the floor.  No judgement!

7:45 AM  Make this for lunch.  Are you jealous?  Don't fret it's only raspberry jam.

8:30 AM  Decide I don't like 5th graders.

8:31 AM  Reconsider teacher career.

10:00 AM  Murdered a spider after two girls screamed while watering the class plants.

12:30 PM  Was ignored by the staff at lunch.  Took photos in the bathroom so I could mock them.  (There was a third sign across from the toilet.)


1:30 PM  Watched a video about coral polyps.  File under: Things I never needed to know.

2:00 PM  Best part of the day.  During Social Studies:

Amy:  What is the Constitution?
Student:  It's a stool.
Amy: blink blink  What?  No.
Student:  Yeah it's a stool.  With the seat and the three legs.  The three different parts.
Amy: OH...You mean it's like a stool.  The three branches of government are the legs.  The stool is a metaphor.
Studentblink blink What?
Amyface palm

2:45 PM  Leave school.

2:55 PM  Return to school to retrieve my water bottle.

After school I needed a nap like whoa but I played basketball threw a basketball at a net and went for a walk with K to enjoy the beautiful day.


  1. Ha. Hooray, I was waiting for this. Those signs are ridiculous. I usually have a top, but no pants. You may be my other half.

  2. I'm pretty sure 9:52 comes after 8:00...

  3. ahaha I subbed for 4 years during college breaks and wow did I hate subbing for younger kids.

  4. Your description of picking out clothes sounds like my daily routine.

  5. Eric and I don't follow the rule on Tuesday since he has rehearsal so we aren't hanging out together anyhow.


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