Monday, April 25, 2011

I Was Uncharacteristically* Productive Today

* Did I just make up a word?

Vacation is over and I am once again a slave to my cell phone.  Beginning at 5 am I woke up every 15 minutes because my subconscious was playing a game of will it ring while I was trying to sleep.  Alas, my phone did not ring and my lack of REM sleep has left me with a twitching right eyelid.  Subbing is good because it gets me out of the house and into a classroom but it is awful to go to bed not knowing what my plans are for the following day.

I thought I would attempt to conquer my personality flaw tendency to procrastinate today by crossing things off a monstrous to-do list.

I did pretty well.  I went a little packing tape happy in order to return shoes that I bought in August of 2010!  Talk about procrastinating.  Online stores should NEVER offer 365 day returns to people like me.  The man at the UPS store may or may not have made fun of me for the amount of packing tape I used.  (He did.)  But I wanted to MAKE SURE that my items were secure.

The library didn't happen because I left my books at home.  Boo.



  1. why are you researching Chicago? I just got back from there :-)

  2. I am going there in August for a wedding!


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