Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cooking With Amy: Broccoli Bonanza

I love broccoli...but not the stems so I buy broccoli crowns.  This week I bought a HUGE broccoli crown.  I steamed half of it for dinner.

Nom nom.  That is A LOT of broccoli.  But single person cooking dictates that you cook enough to have leftovers.  It's not worth getting a pan dirty if you don't get at least two meals out of it.  A giant plate of broccoli equals dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.  Especially when you add chicken.

Dear Mom, This is def. your container that I stole borrowed last time I was over.  Hope you still love me.  XOXO, Amy
My idea of stir fry (because I dislike so many veggies) is to steam broccoli and cook chicken (sometimes shrimp if I'm feeling extra fancy) and toss it with some type of noodle or rice.  Tonight's choice was the Pasta Sides version of teriyaki noodles.


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