Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Letter for You

Dear Official Followers and Anonymous Stalkers,

Now that I have settled on a blog design that I like (and intend on keeping for more than 2 months) I'm turning my attention to my blog content.  I began my blog as "Zero Ducks in a Row" to chronicle my struggles with losing my job but it has blossomed into a collection of random stories about my mundane happenings.

In my stalking of the blog world, I have found that most (Blogger) blogs have a central focus or theme:  new babies, cooking, crafting, running or book reviews.  Platforms like Tumblr seem more receptive to personal blogs about daily musings.  While I write this blog for myself, when you (and by you I mean me) put it out there for people to read you expect and hope for feedback in the form of page views, followers, and comments.

So I want to know what you think!

What do you like love?
What do you hate dislike?
What do you want to see more of? 
Less of?
Any suggestions for blog ideas?

Don't fret, this will still be all Amy all the time.  But I'm curious if you'd love to see updates four times a day detailing every inane facet of my day (like the guy I saw yesterday who put on leather work gloves before pumping gas) or prefer more thought provoking discussions on the difficulties of being a grownup.




  1. I like that it's random and since it is YOUR blog, I think you should focus on whatever you want to focus on! People will either read it or not but just do your own thing!

  2. I like that it's random, too. I love your silly posts, like how S is for Sprout, and your craftyness... I just sincerely enjoy whatever you say.

    (I've secretly told my best friend {and you, too} that I adore you and wish we could be real life friends. lol)


  3. I love the randomness of it! I've enjoyed sorting of getting to know you again through your blog (since I haven't seen you in god knows how many years) :).


  4. Well...since you're asking...one thing I noticed too, while blog stalking others (besides theme) is that they either tend towards the serious (this is basically my online diary) or the silly/random. I know that I tended toward the silly/random at first and have since incorporated both. I agree with the above in that, it truly should be a reflection of you. Some days are silly and some are not! So me, I like both and I appreciate all the subject tagging as well. :-)

  5. I think your blog is just fine. Mine started as an education/new teacher blog and it kind of developed into a random journal of life in general. People read it and it makes me happy. If your blog does the same for you then keep writing as you are.

  6. I like your blog just the way it is... random! Keep it going as something you want to create not what others create for you. I started my blog as a place for my family and friends to keep in touch with me during high school and now it has become something all my own and I like it better that it's for me and on one else :D


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