Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Presents

This past week insomnia hit me hard. I wasn't sleeping well and on Tuesday night I slept from midnight until I took a mental health day off from work. I finally fell back asleep about 6 am then slept till 11ish.

I decided to use the day to finish my Christmas shopping. Even on Wednesday afternoon, the mall seemed like the Saturday before Christmas! But I had fun picking out presents for the people that I love.

Of course, I picked up a few presents for myself as well. Whenever people ask me what I want for Christmas I can't conjure up a thought because all I really want to do is hang out. But when I'm at the mall, it's a different story. But Everyday Brother and I have come up with a solution for self-shopping at Christmastime. Instead of sending each other money or gift cards, we decided we would just buy ourselves something ridiculous then tell people that we bought it for each other.

This year I "bought" Everyday Brother this old school classic phone receiver that plugs into your smart phone so you speak into the fake phone instead of frying your brain cells with cell phone waves.

He texted me a picture of himself talking to me on his new present.

And Everyday Brother "bought" me an absurdly large calendar. I have coveted the Stendig Calendar for several years and this year it is mine. But here's the thing....IT. IS. HUGE.

The calendar box is 2/3 the size of my tree!

It is difficult to show you just how giant this thing is. But here is the calendar on my forever unmade queen sized bed.

The only problem: I haven't decided where I am going to hang this sucker yet.

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