Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dear 2012,

Where do I even begin? You were everything and nothing that I expected. Instead of lamenting all the, "I wish I did ____ this year" thoughts, let's take a look at what I did manage to do this year. Day by day and week by week, my life seems rather inconsequential and boring. But when you look at it retrospectively, perspective shifts. Forgotten are the days full of laziness, the disappointments, and the little frustrations. What you are left with is highlights of a year (hopefully) well spent.

In January I set some pretty easy New Year's Resolutions and became a Mac user. I started the year off strong on the fitness front and completed my 50 mile challenge. I walked, biked, and ellipticalled away the cold winter days. I started a new year full of adventures in second grade. And began the frantic process of trying to complete and recap my 30 Before 30 list.

In February I turned the big 29+1. I managed to celebrate instead of bemoan my big birthday. Immediately following my birthday I was harshly thrust into the world of adulthood. In one week I managed to deal with the leaking and destruction of my bathroom ceiling and attend a scary DUA hearing where I had to represent myself to resolve a dispute over my unemployment benefits.

In March I took biking to the next level and biked an entire marathon! It seemed like a really good idea and I was glad that I was able to accomplish it but man on man, did certain parts of my body hate it. I created a soundtrack of my 30th year. And I hung out with crazy second graders and stayed mostly healthy while they all got the plague.

In April I was almost bankrupted paying taxes on the previous year's unemployment benefits. That was another harsh grownup lesson. I supported the entertainment industry by seeing The Hunger Games and Titanic 3D in theaters. I managed to escape to Maine for a few days to relax and recharge during school vacation.

In May I spent a lot of time not blogging. I had some serious thoughts about the passing of time. I also took lots of pictures of clouds.

In June school ended. I dog sat while my parents took off for Alaska and I watched soooo much Dawson's Creek. I created a Summer Fun List of activities that I wanted to do over the summer to make it as memorable as possible. I went back to Maine and the BFF's Weddingpalooza officially began. I ordered a dress, we made invitations, and spent lots of time being overly girly.

In July I visited my first lighthouse of the summer and visiting every lighthouse in Maine officially became a new obsession. I drove west to catch up with an old friend and reminisced at Katie's with soft serve. In one exhausting but amazing weekend, I helped the BFF celebrate her bachelorette party and bridal shower.

In August I was insanely busy. I tutored, I traveled, and I went back to school. M came to visit and we explored Boston, Concord, Salem and Maine in 5 days. I headed to Vermont for the BFF's wedding weekend and wore lots of pretty dresses. My best work friends moved away. After some last minute tutoring, I returned to school to new adventures in 3rd grade.

In September I explored museums and apple orchards. I registered to vote, sat through the first of many boring graduate classes, and had a smoothie disaster. I said goodbye to summer and hello to fall. I created a short Fall Fun List of things that make fall so wonderful.

In October it rained a lot. It was warm and swampy and nothing like the brisk and clear October that I love. I listened to Mumford and Sons over and over while I ran and walked many, many miles. I watched and live-blogged some of the Presidential debates, celebrated 10/11/12, and made it through Hurricane Sandy. Halloween came and went without any pumpkin carving.

In November I finally joined the 21st century and got an iPhone! I voted for president and found a lot of money on the ground. I enjoyed the sunny, brisk October-like weather and headed to Maine to celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents.

In December I was super crafty. I made my own advent calendar and holiday cards. I used the money I found at the mall to donate things to the food pantry, Toys for Tots, and the hat and mitten drive at school. I celebrated 12/12/12 and baked a lot of cupcakes. I mourned the loss of life and innocence in Connecticut. I survived the end of the world, celebrated Christmas and completed the 2nd Annual, Unofficial Boxing Day 5K.

So 2012 I don't really know what I expected from you. I think the main take away from this year is that life is messy and you can't really plan for anything. You just have to make the best of what you have and try as hard as you can to enjoy yourself along the way.

Here's hoping for a wonderful 2013!


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