Monday, February 13, 2012

Birthday Recap: Episode 3

After making the trek home from Mohegan Sun, I took a quick nap to supplement the 2.5 hours of sleep that I got on birthday eve. That afternoon, I headed to my parent's house for a family birthday party.

There were more flowers:

a delicious dinner, big presents for a big birthday, lots of Superbowl watching and an awesome birthday cake:

The birthday cake from Everyday Auntie was an homage to The List on my blog. There were 56 books including The Secret Garden, there was a pile of golf balls, a Rubik's Cube, all the new foods I tried, the mountain/dune that I climbed, and me writing my memoir.  <---I told you it was amazing!

Turning 30 was not the heinous experience that I expected. Instead, I celebrated with colleagues, friends, and family and it turned out to be an exhausting yet awesome weekend.


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