Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The World Be Crazy

Today I was all:

about so many things.

  • Two guys walk out of the supermarket. One looks like Obama's shorter twin, the other like this:

Same hat, black trenchcoat. I kid you not.

  • From Massachusetts, I talked to my mom in a car wash in Arizona via cell phone. Modern technology boggles my mind sometimes. I wonder if the covered wagon folk could have ever imagined what life is like today. It makes me wonder what the future will hold. #Deep thoughts.
  • I think I ate baby twin chickens the other day and it kind of freaked me out.

  • I was serenaded by a second grader today...with a Ke$ha song. <---True story. The spelling pattern this week is -ow and blow is one of the words. Cue: It's time to lose your mind and let the crazy out...this place about to blow-ow-ow-ow...go insane, go insane throw some glitter make it rain. 
  • Why hasn't the US at large realized Rick Santorum is crazysauce? Don't they watch The Daily Show?

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