Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Number Twenty-Four & Number Twenty-Nine

Number 24: Make 1,000 paper cranes...a fraction of a check.

I added this to The List without much thought other than: "I've made a few paper cranes, making 1,000 would be crazy."

Well...it turns out that 1,000 is a lot. I ended up with 200ish and called it quits. Folding a thousand cranes is supposed to make a wish come true, but so does blowing out a birthday candle...and cake is way less work.

I decided that finishing this goal wasn't a priority of mine but some day I will string up all the cranes I did fold and cover some of the white wall space in my apartment.


Number 29: Document The List in a minibook...started.

And will be finished.

Someday...I promise.

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