Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birthday Recap: Episode 2

Now that it's been a week since my birthday, I thought I should get around to recapping the rest of birthday weekend.

Saturday was my actual birthday (and ironically, the only day there was no birthday cake consumed). I tried to sleep in, lounged on the couch for a bit, did some laundry then got to packing for the big trip. My friends and I trekked to Mohegan Sun for a night of fun. 

The girls surprised me with a 29+1 shirt and matching Team Amy shirts! We had some wine, ate some snacks, put on fake eyelashes and headed out. We ate at the always classy Bubba's BBQ then hit the slots. I had received a generous donation to my gambling fund from the teachers at work so when K suggested that I try the Amazon penny slot, I was game. The slots confused me! They were all computerized and you had to bet on a number of lines then place a bet per line. With the guidance of the nice gentleman next to me, I randomly hit some buttons. Eight dollars in, I hit the jackpot and earned 15 bonus games. From there my winnings multiplied and after only 3 minutes, I cashed out with $96.90!

We bet a bit more after that but only proceeded to lose money. But I still walked out with more than I walked in with!

Before heading home, we hit up a bar with REALLY loud r&b music. We had a few drinks, people watched, judged the youth of America, and participated in our own Whip Your Hair music video. You see, there was this...person who at first glance I totally thought was a woman (I was not the only one to think this) but actually turned out to be a man with a really long pony tail. And he whipped his pony tail back and forth and back and forth. His pony tail whipped me in the face at one point and I thought M was going to punch him. (She wanted to.)

Mid-whip. And yes, we took like 6 pictures trying to capture the pony tail in all its glory.

It was a fun night. I tried something new and although there was lots of smoking, babies awake at midnight and neck tattoos it was a good time. We didn't hit up the felt table games but that just gives us a reason to go back. 

Thanks to K for planning a wonderful night and to S, O, M and all those who were there in spirit!


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