Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Was...

  • Awesome...because I got the BEST belated birthday present ever from my best red headed Michigander friend.

FYI: I have ZERO recollection of trying to climb that pole. I couldn't even tell you what country it was in.

There could not be a more perfect quote for me. This speaks to my souuuuul.

  • Stuffy...because I have a cold and can barely breathe. But I did decide it was better to suffer through  the day with a cold then take nighttime cold medicine at work.
  • Busy...because I covered for lots of different teachers during my down time and finished two kid books during the day.
  • Snowy...because it snowed.

Guess who lives in that purple circle? #Please don't stalk me.

  • Cozy...because I was wrapped up in a scarf all day.
  • Festive...because I made heart shamrocks.
  • Relieving...because I am no longer a slave to the unemployment Gods. (It went in my favor BTW.)

Leap Day (Leap Year Day?) is like a free space on the 2012 calendar; an extra day to do whatever your heart desires. So on that note, I will be using this extra day to snuggle on the couch, write to some friends, cook a delicious dinner and make the following wish:

I hope tomorrow is a snow day. 
I hope tomorrow is a snow day. 
I hope tomorrow is a snow day.
I hope tomorrow is a snow day.

*New list coming later tonight!



  1. Yay!!! So happy to hear about the unemployment going in your favor. I would like to say suckaaahs to them :)

  2. Hooray on unemployment! Good ole Amy, stickin' it to the Man!


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