Thursday, February 2, 2012


LAND BEAVER DAY again! Last year I wrote about discovering the secret life of the groundhog. Today I got to witness it first hand. I live streamed the festivities and was completely dumbfounded. I can't believe that groundhog handler is a real job!

These men that form Punxsutawney Phil's Inner Circle are bat-shit crazy. They parade through the crowd in top hats and have names like "Rainmaker" and "The Big Chill." The groundhog handler bangs on Phil's stump, grabs the groundhog by the belly and hoists him into the air. People scream, the groundhog sits on a red rug and tells its handler in a special groundhog language whether he sees his shadow.

Oh. Also, they give the groundhog magic medicine to make him live forever. Watch this if you need some clarification:

P.S. Did you know there are lots of weather predicting groundhogs?


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