Monday, February 27, 2012

All The Rest...

Number 1: Find a job I love.
Well...I found a job I like. I am still a paraprofessional and still NOT a real teacher but I genuinely enjoy (most) of my days at school/work. After the drama that ensued post W-Ford, I really thought that I never wanted to work in a school ever again. But after some soul searching and complete lack of alternative career paths, I still want to be a teacher.

Number 4: (Private goal).

Number  9: Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.
Didn't happen. Still want it to. Maybe in April?

Number 10: Get all of my financial stuff in order.
Started to consolidate and file statements, bills, and old tax stuff. Will continue to pursue this as I work to declutter my apartment (and life).

Number 16: Shoot a gun.
The opportunity was there but I failed to carpe the diem.

Number 17: Go cliff diving.
Seasonal. Didn't complete in time. Thought about trying to locate a high dive at an indoor pool as a safer option. I still want to do this at some point in my life...maybe on a tropical vacation with high cliffs and crystal clear water that I can see through.

Number 21: Screen print a t-shirt.
Couldn't settle on a design. Thought about making a "race" shirt for my unofficial 5k but just didn't make it happen.

Number 22: Private goal.
Didn't happen.

Number 26: Spend 24 hours in bed.
I imagined a day of naps, reading, and movies under a canopy of sheer fabric and twinkle lights...kind of like this: 

but the closest I came was sleeping for 13 hours straight when I was feeling under the weather and spending the remaining 11 hours on the couch napping. Someday I'll have a twinkle light, canopy, bed fort.

I know the idea was to complete everything on The List before I turned 30 but as the year passed a few things happened. I procrastinated, I allowed myself to miss out on opportunities, and I changed my mind about some of my goals...and I'm okay with that. I enjoyed completing the things on this list and at the end of the day, that is what matters most.

Despite the apprehension I had about turning 30, it will be fun to look back on my 29th year and remember it fondly. Thanks to everyone who supported my endeavors, participated in the adventures, and followed along vicariously. Here's to another year and another list.


  1. I am looking forward to seeing the new list! :-)

  2. oh MC you are about to be very disapointed


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