Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wish I thought of these!  Instead, I stole them from here!

  • Children cried.
  • Children ate so much candy.
  • I ate so much candy.
  • And jumbo chocolate covered strawberries.
  • A child ate a lollipop while holding a tissue to his bleeding nose and got tissue all over the lollipop. #Second graders don't care.
  • I carried giant paper.
  • I got more flowers (my apartment now looks like a florist shop).
  • I said, "hold on to your balls" to forty 8 year olds (FYI: was referencing footballs/recess balls).
  • We read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. It was a touching but sad story. My first thought was that the tree needs to stand up for itself and say no when the boy asks for everything. And I know the tree is supposedly happy for giving itself and making the boy happy but it destroys itself and the boy is going to die eventually and then what is the tree going to do? It has no branches left for new kids to climb on. #Kids books are deep #Sometimes I'm too cynical for second grade


Scene: Lunch group with 4 kids that work on social skills.

Guidance Counselor: At night, do you brush your teeth right when mom says it's time for bed?

Male Student: YES!

Speech Teacher: You do?

Male Student: Yes, because I have a Justin Bieber toothbrush that sings "Baby". He proceeds to start singing "Baby, baby, baby oh..."

All 4 Students: Baby, baby, baby oh...

Teachers: Laughing.

Students: Singing.

Teachers: Crying laughing.

And that was the end of lunch group.



  1. Those Valentines are awesome!!!

  2. I laughed out loud at those valentines! I do the giving tree with 5th graders, but we definitely get cynical about it. A little different than 2nd grade!

  3. I NEED that toothbrush! How funny is that!!??


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