Monday, December 24, 2012

Farewell Autumn

Now that the shortest day of the year has come and gone, it's officially winter. This year fall disappointed me. October was super rainy so I missed out on the pumpkin carving. Thanksgiving snuck up on me so I missed out on the pumpkin pie. And of course, I didn't get anywhere close to making a mini book. And to be honest, I don't plan on it. Fall 2012 didn't have a lot of awesome that needed to be documented. 

After a Summer to-do and and Autumn to-do, I don't have a winter to-do planned. Winter is the time when I hunker down, snuggle under a quilt, drink hot cocoa, and watch a lot of TV. It's my form of hibernation. I'm not a cold weather enthusiast and I don't do the typical New England outdoorsy winter things. I'll emerge from my cave come spring!

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