Monday, December 3, 2012

Homemade Advent Calendar

Growing up, we always had store bought advent calendars. The kind where you open the little window each day to a saying, or craft idea, or on special years, a piece of chocolate. Everyday Brother and I used to argue about who got to open the even's and odd's because obviously opening the 25th was the coveted window. And every year I tried the "Even Stephen" trick so I got to open the odds...but it didn't always fly.

But this year, I wanted to make an advent calendar that was more personal. I pinned several on Pintrest and eventually went with mini envelopes filled with holiday to-do ideas.

First up, I opened a small envelope to use as a template.

I traced and traced on some double-sided card stock. Then cut and cut until I had somewhat square, flat envelopes.

I folded the paper against a ruler to ensure straight creases.

And it started to look like an envelope!

Using a tape runner, I put some tape on the bottom half of each side triangle then folded up the bottom.

And....voila! An envelope.

Then I did that 24 more times. Twenty-four doesn't seem like a lot but trust is.

Inside each envelope, I put a card with fun December activities. I can't guarantee that I'll actually do each one on the exact day, but I will do all of them!

I strung my envelopes up in my hallway on two pieces of thick, white ribbon.

And tried to take a panorama photo of it using my iPhone.

I used some candy cane paper clips...

and some Christmas tree paper clips (found at Target) to secure my envelopes to the ribbon.

Each morning, I unclip the envelope and slide out the card inside. I clip the card on top of the envelope so I can see all of my December To-Do's!

Happy Adventing!


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