Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cooking with Amy: Christmas Cookie Edition

Each December, Everyday Mom and I have a baking day. We make fudge, Russian tea cakes, 7 layer cookies, spritz, and sometimes I make gingerbread men.

This year there weren't many weekends in December before Christmas and everyone is trying to eat less cookies. So Everyday Mom made fudge and we forwent all the rest. Instead I made Saltine toffee and pretzel, Hershey kiss buttons to bring to work.

First up, the Saltine toffee which I first made with T. It is super delicious and with just four ingredients, it is super easy to make. You melt a stick of butter and a cup of brown sugar and stir until it boils.

Line up your Saltines in an OCD like fashion.

Pour the butter/sugar mixture over the top and pop it into the oven for just 5 minutes.

Dump a bag of chocolate chips on top and wait until they get all shiny. 

Spread the chocolate chips out and sprinkle some Saltine dust on top.

Chill and break into pieces. Then nom away.

Share with others if you are so inclined.

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