Monday, June 13, 2011

D&O Get Married: Part 1

Since I am wrangling pipsqueaks today, the proper wedding recap will have to wait one more day.  In the meantime, I bring you:

D&O Get Married: Part 1
A photo essay more about me and less about the actual wedding.

K and I skipped out on work Friday to drive into the woods.  Before we left civilization, we stopped in a D'Angelos parking lot to wrap gifts out of the back of her car.  Classy, I know.

We checked into our swanky digs and got ready in record time.

D&O got married.

We blew bubbles.

Did I mention there were BLUE margaritas?  There was also wine.

Who wants to hire me as their wedding photographer?  I think my portfolio speaks for itself.

I slept for maybe an hour and tossed and turned so much I got tangled in the covers.

But the next morning after three extra strength Tylenol and a field trip to Dunks (where I made a mess obviously), I was as good as new.

We took a driving tour of NH (a.k.a. we got lost) on the way to a BBQ in the rain were I drank hot chocolate (it was freezing) and tried not to act like a zombie (probably unsuccessfully).  Drove home, got in bed, and slept for 11 hours.




  1. Were your portfolio pictures taken after the blue margaritas?

  2. Haha probably...and probably after the wine as well.


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