Saturday, June 25, 2011


One year ago today I took a deep breath and posted the following to the interwebs:

Where to begin...I suppose with the name. "Zero Ducks in a Row" pretty much sums up my life right now. Up until this week I taught 4th grade until my principal decided that even though I tried my best I suck at teaching and thus no longer have a job.

So I am back to square one with any career plans and I am beginning to think that I will never make it as a teacher. That sounds like I am trying to do something spectacular like be a show girl or president but come on already...all I want to do is stand in front of kids and impart some wisdom upon them. Is that really too much to ask?

Currently I am harboring many anxieties about my future. I am on summer vacation but I have no future plans for any aspect of my life. This blog is an attempt to record and inspire(?) change in my life.
So here's to finding some ducks and forcing them to sit in a row.

I was in a very negative head space as (what I thought to be) my dream job was pulled out from under me and it seemed that there was only myself to blame.  An entire year has passed and unfortunately, not much has changed in the job department.  I began substituting and I continue to send out job applications to what feels like every school in the state of Massachusetts.  But in the past year, I have (mostly) come to terms with the fact that the economy is more to blame for my unemployment than myself.  I still fall asleep at least 3 nights a week thinking about what I could have done differently.  But I am sure hoping that finding a new job will put the thoughts of self-doubt to rest.
Throughout this past year I learned:
That a job isn't and shouldn't be your life. 
That I'm a hot mess in the kitchen...and love every minute of it.
That it's never too late to make wonderful new friends.
That I love being crafty and making things.
That making goals is easy...but achieving them is harder.
In a year this blog has gone through as many changes as I have.  It began as Zero Ducks in a Row, which although more Google friendly, didn't really represent where I wanted to go with all of this (whatever this is).  As Everyday A, the blog went through many a face lift but has finally found itself.
Blogging has become a hobby that very few people aside from other bloggers appreciate and understand...but I don't care...I LOVE IT!  I've rediscovered a love of writing and I've found an outlet that lets me record and share my daily happenings in a way that is comfortable and convenient.  I've always had the desire to keep a journal but I've never been able to keep up with it.  I would become conscious of how I structured a sentence, when I used the wrong word, my penmanship and if I made an error.  (Yes. I am a tad neurotic...tell me you aren't surprised by that.)  Writing a blog allows me to get my thoughts down quickly, to backspace, to delete, to use a thesaurus, and to share things with lovely people who I can't see as often as I'd like.

So here's to the next year!

P.S. If you know me, you know that I absolutely used my 1st Blog Birthday as an excuse to bake cupcakes.  Update soon because obviously I forgot to buy butter so I have to run back to the store.  #File under: Story of my life.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Amy's Bloggy-Wog. You've done great things with the place!


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