Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Did You Know...

That people still drove Hummers?  At least one person does.  I'm going to assume that the driver is a he and that he has the smallest penis ever because not only does he seem to be overcompensating with a Hummer but look at those tires (and rims).

Not only are they fancy (esp. for the suburbs) but they are HUGE!  To give you a little is the tire next to a shopping cart.

They are like monster truck tires!  They easily came up to my mid-thigh (and yes I know I'm not the tallest girl out there but still...huge).

In other news, I also saw a giant boat today. 

Apparently it was "Boys and their toys" day!



  1. We have 2 hummers at work, both have big fancy rims, and both driven by females!!

  2. Haha...then maybe it was a lady car and she has small boobs!

  3. I like huge gas-guzzling SUV's but not Hummers. Give me a Navigator and you will have one happy girl on your hands. And since I am generously endowed in the chest, it's not for compensation. Except maybe for height. I'm short, I like to drive up high over everyone else. I feel more secure because I feel I have more control and power. Sooooo, yes, I am compensating for a lack of something.....the things you learn about yourself in blogging comments....

  4. Jenna...haha, I am also short so I totally understand the need to be up high while driving. I drive a dinky Corolla and it took a long time to get used to.


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