Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A is for Awkward

Fun Fact:  I have no social skills. 

Let me rephrase...I have very limited social skills.  For example, let's say (hypothetically) that this conversation happened tonight (it did).

L:  Your blog is so funny.  I read it all the time.
A:  Thanks!  I'm glad you like it. <--- This is what I should have said. 

Instead, I said:
A:  Oh.  It hasn't been funny lately and at least once a week I want to give up.
L:  (taken off guard by my complete lack of ability to appropriately respond to a compliment) I guess you could do that.

Then the conversation thankfully switched back to discussion of sewing taffeta and chiffon flowers...hypothetically.

Is my conversational awkwardness a product of poor early socialization?  (If so I blame my parents.)  Do I have some type of Turrets where negative things come out of my mouth at inopportune moments?  (I hope not.)  Am I insecure to the point where I reject any form of compliment?  (Probably.)  Is my hermit-like lifestyle affecting my conversation skills?  (Ummmm....)

For the time being, I'm going to chalk this social blunder up to my surprise that people actually read this silly blog of mine.  All I can say is that in terms of editing what I say, written communication > verbal communication at least 83% of the time (because of that whole backspace button).


  1. I miss funny amy... i miss hearing of your daily blunders/adventures, and the stupid people with whom you interact during said blunders/adventures.

  2. I think blogs were invented for the socially awkward...


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