Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"It's Like Going to the Circus"*

I was going to write a riveting post about all the foods that I dislike but I just spent another morning at the car dealership.  You know what that means...people watching!  There were no dogs this time but I did see plenty of interesting people.

There were lots of kids.  Some with books.  Some wearing sequin princess dresses.  Some on leashes...and not those monkey backpack situations...but an actual leash, looped around her waist and hooked back onto itself.  Yep.

There was also a Tony Danza Ted Danson look-a-like that I felt way too creepy taking a covert cell phone photo of for the first 75 minutes that I was there.  But those last 15 minutes?  I guess I just stopped caring if I am a creeper.

Also...I was surrounded by iPads.  It's a sign! 

There was a couple that were snuggling on the leather chairs.  They were watching the tv behind me and it was a very awkward hour trying not to look at them while they were looking in my direction.

The "You're Being People-Watched and You're a Weirdo" award goes to Peter...who I am kind of certain is a serial killer.  He rocked Dockers and a plaid button down that was messily half untucked.  The end of his belt escaped its loop and flopped about as he stood up and walked around.  He had an old boxy Nokia cell phone that he housed in an eye glass case and was casually flipping through books about short term loans.  Now you might be thinking, "Amy, he just sounds like a dork."  But there was something about him that screamed serial killer.

Although, I feel like I must disclose that while waiting for my car to be serviced, I was reading Blink by Malcolm Gladwell which is all about how and why we make split decisions.  Perhaps I just made an incorrect split decision...but maybe it is a good thing that that kid was on a leash.

Do we remember The Lovely Bones?

Peter, the car dealership serial killer, had almost the same glasses on!
* Title attributed to K.


  1. Peter sounds like me. Only in a polo shirt and no glasses. I have a tendency to ignore the tucking of the shirt and my belt is a little too long.


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