Wednesday, June 15, 2011

D&O Get Married: Part 2*

The men were dashing.
The ladies were beautiful.
The bride and groom were sublimely happy.

It was a beautiful day, hot in the sun, perfect in the shade.  We sipped blue margaritas and home brewed beer as we waited for the ceremony to begin.  The guests gathered on a grassy hill and were regaled with the story of D&O.  The couple exchanged vows and the Officiant photo bombed all of my pictures.

As a group, we walked over the river brook and through the woods to take wedding photos next to the soon-to-be (organic) veal cutlets laying down in their little plastic doghouses. 

The venue was inviting...twinkle lights, flowers, and mason jars galore. 

We dined on fajitas and blue margaritas...churros and spice cake (which was delicious even though I only ate the that's not weird). 

D was in charge of cutting the cake for our table and he did a stand up job.

The dancing commenced while the wine flowed.  A conga line ensued.  W requested the best song of the night: Party in the USA...yes Miley Cyrus.  Don't hate...everyone was on the dance floor, singing at the top of their lungs, celebrating life and love. 

The most unique request of the night: Dick in a Box...complete with hand motions.  There's just something wonderful about a bride and a groom singing "One. Cut a hole in the box" in front of their parents and family members that is super special.  The night concluded with O's very own Top Gun moment.

Other highlights:  Hanging out with very tall people.
Dapper looking men fully respecting the required man distance. 

And gorgeous new friends.

Congrats D&O!

* Part One here.

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  1. Thanks for being there, and for the awesome reportage ;)


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