Monday, June 6, 2011

Six on Monday

Because mom begged...I bring you Six on's almost like Sunday...just a little suckier.*

1.  This morning was crazysauce.  I snoozed (had to after only 3 hours of sleep) for 15 min. and left just enough time to stop at Dunks.  But first, I turned this:

into this:

and this:

And then I couldn't find my keys...ANYWHERE.  I checked my purse 3 times, my living room, my office, my kitchen, my bedroom, and my bathroom.  They were nowhere.  I wondered if I locked them in my car, but I was in my apartment so they had to be somewhere there as well.  I searched and searched and almost called the school to tell them I wasn't going to show up to sub because my keys were GONE.  But then I found them.  Guess where?

In the couch cushions....obviously.  By that time my Dunks window had been harshly closed and I had to play nice with the monsters for 6 hours without a coffee after 3 hours of sleep.  Ugh.

2.  But my day was still better than the guy who flipped his truck on my exit ramp this evening.

3.  And I was super productive today.  I did all sorts of errands and chores that I have been putting off forever and ever and ever.

4.  I've been super good about my eating green things goal.  Lots of veggies so far but still little variety (broccoli, zucchini, and lettuce.)

5.  I even found my favorite thing ever pasta that was green!

6.  I bought my plane tickets to visit all my lovelies this summer!  I've been working on something (hopefully) exciting to tell you about my trip.  Can you stand the suspense?

* Today a 5th grader told me that Monday was not Funday...according to him, only Sunday Funday exists.


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  1. Good job on eating green! And I agree...Monday is NOT Funday.


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