Friday, June 10, 2011

Right Now

Picture this:  I have to wake up in 7 hours to get ready before setting off on Weddingpalooza: D&O Get Married so naturally I am sitting here with my face covered in a face mask.  Basically I look like this:

except I am not wearing a plant. 

Until 10 pm tonight I didn't have a dress to wear to this wedding.  I thought I could be crafty and make one.  And when that didn't work, I thought I could make a different one.  And just for good measure I thought I could make one more.  But now I finally have something to wear so I will not be the girl at the wedding in jeans and a tank top.

I have yet to pack (or decide what to pack), shower, paint my toenails, shave, or sleep.  Ugh.  Reinventing hot mess since 1982.

I have to go wash this thing off my face now...THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!


1 comment:

  1. I have a wedding this weekend and next weekend...I strangely have a dress for the first, but no gift or card yet for either. Gah.


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