Sunday, June 12, 2011

Six on Sunday

1.  My Netflix Instant Queue loves adjectives but dislikes commas and capitalization rules.

2.  My kitchen light fixture has three light bulbs in of which has been out for over a month.  Thursday, I came home and turned on the light and all three bulbs were lit.  The only possible explanations are that my landlord stopped by unannounced to replace a light bulb, it magically re-lit, or I'm going crazy.  I'm going to assume that the bulb somehow wiggled itself back into working because my apartment is a disaster and I would be mortified if my landlord stopped by. (Note to self:  Get started on June goal #3.)  Also, if he came in without telling me that creeps me out.

3.  In my weekend travels I came across this:

Do people really have Christian parties?  Can I use this company for a Bat Mitzvah?  Did I have to Google how to spell Bat Mitzvah?  (Yes.)

4.  I traveled to a farm in NH to visit some cows this weekend.

5.  While I was there, I played paparazzi at D&O's wedding.  (Future career?)

The wedding was beautiful and it made me wonder if it's time to start taking applications for my future husband so I can be this in love some day.

6.  I'm kind of a rough sleeper. 

With all the excitement of the weekend, I've slept for maybe 7 hours in the last 2 days.  The funday part of Sunday will include sleeping as late as possible, taking at least two naps, and some puppy snuggling.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. You want to know about my weekend? Okay…

    Well I too attended the O <3 D event, watched some cows, etc. However, our night away different slightly in that I did not play paparazzi (instead I was ogling boys from a distance and falling in love), I slept like a baby and when I woke my bed was already made.

    I did 9 loads of laundry...which makes me sound like a water waster, but I hadn't washed clothes in almost 3 months (world record??). While washing clothes I tried on every shoe in my closet - some made the cut, many did not (tear).

    Today, to wrap up a very pleasant long weekend, I visited with Mr. Unattainable (in my state not his). Who I had some serious PDA with in the parking lot of a mall, where later I am pretty sure he asked me to move to Jersey (yuck), and buy a house with him...that conversation gets tucked away as a FAIL. Who’s unattainable now?

    Now I am procrastinating and not doing my job search by fake blogging (writing on other people’s blogs since I can’t get motivated to write in my own).

  2. take back the jersey comment! :(

    it's only fitting that I mention that my capcha word was "awbra"

  3. Kiki - Aren't you a bit old for making out in parking lots? Especially in the daytime!

    Sunshine - My only knowledge of Jersey comes from The Jersey Shore and from my brother who said the Jersey Turnpike is the longest worst highway ever. Maybe I need a lesson?

    Also, it's only fitting that I mention that I literally just learned what a capcha was like 2.5 days ago.

  4. The NJTP really is the worst highway ever. Its not that there is anything really *wrong* with it, but more that there is NOTHING worth even thinking about, let alone doing along that stretch of god forsaken flat pavement. It's long, it's straight, and it's monotone... which = snooze.


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