Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Way Life Should Be

Headed to Maine today all by my lonesome...if lonesome includes my dog. 

I'm going "off the grid" for 48 whole hours so I can check #20 off The List.  This task is much more easily accomplished in Maine because there is no tv or internet at our house.  All I have to do is turn off my cell phone and I'm good to go; but I am keeping the radio and iPod on so I don't go completely crazy. 

I can only imagine what I will do for two entire days without blogging and texting.  (I'm aware how terribly sad and pathetic that sounds.)  I'm going to bake bread, fold cranes and take walks.  I may even discover the secrets of the universe!  Although more likely will take lots of naps and finish a few books.

So this is me, signing off.  Within an hour, I'll be turning off my cell phone, sipping an iced latte and pretending I can sing like Adele.


1 comment:

  1. Remembering Maine, I got myself an ATV out here Amy :)


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