Sunday, December 5, 2010

Deck the Halls and Change Some Lightbulbs...

One of my more obvious ploys to embrace the holiday season is to decorate every inch of my apartment so I am constantly reminded what season is upon me.  I was feeling very Scrooge-like today thus failing to obtain the proper attitude one needs for decking the halls.  But after a quick trip to my FAVORITE STORE EVER...coughTargetcough...I have all the necessary trimmings for my tree...except the tree and tree stand.

Tonight I watched The House Bunny (I want those two hours of my life back Anna Faris) and Eclipse (Team Carlisle baby).  While I killed off some neurons, I completed my ribbon trees. 

The trees are just loops of ribbon pinned to a styrofoam cone with some ric rac and a jingle bell hot glued to the top.  Easy and festive!

In totally unrelated news, I changed two light bulbs today and it was much harder than I anticipated.  (Insert joke about how many independent, single ladies it takes to change a light bulb.)  The bulbs are in these glass ball things that are held upside down by 3 screws.  So as I am balancing on a chair, in my socks, in the dark, I am holding the glass ball up with one hand and trying to figure out which way is lefty-loosey with the other...keeping in mind that for the screw on the backside of the glass ball lefty-loosey is actually righty-tighty. 


File this under #thingsthatwouldbeeasierwithtwopeople.

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