Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The One Where I Make Some Lofty Goals

I am compartmentalizing my recent suckiness at goal achieving and moving on.*  This month I am setting some pretty big goals AND I am setting four instead of three.  Keep'll see why.


1.  Fully embrace the holiday season. 
We're talking lights, trees, wreaths, cookies, movies, red, green, music, stockings, Santa, candles, and snowflakes.  By the time I get done it will seem like the season threw up all over my life (in the most wonderful way possible).

2.  Clean and decorate my apartment.
I am a messy person by nature...not unclean...just cluttered and unorganized.  I harbor no delusions that this will ever change but I would like to begin the new year with my apartment in order.  Seeing as I have lived here for more than a year now I should probably finishing unpacking.  Talk about long overdue!

3.  Enforce a maximum one night stay policy on any dish in my sink, i.e. do the dishes on a regular basis.
Now I am not foolish enough to believe that I will wash the dishes every day.  BUT...I would like to make a sincere effort to make dish washing a habitual event.  I decided on this goal as I was wandering around Target today so I invested in a new dish drain and some clementine dish soap to make the tedious task more appealing. soon as I got home I did every dish left in the sink from November!

4.  Get an iPad.
Something greedy and materialistic to balance out all the do-gooding that is about to take place this month.

*One of my life goals is to end as many sentences as possible with prepositions such as since and of.

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  1. *sigh -- I've got to do my dishes. Goal #1 sounds fun, though :-)


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