Sunday, December 26, 2010

Today I Almost Freaked Out in a Public Place

The weatherman promised me a blizzard far I see only paper snow flakes.   

While waiting for my snow, I partook in the traditional pre-blizzard activities of shopping for groceries and parking my car to minimize my post-blizzard digging out time. 

It was in the parking lot of the grocery store where I almost freaked out.  After purchasing all of my blizzard essentials I walk back to my blue Corolla which was parked three cars from the end of the row.  I look up and someone is in my car stealing things from my backseat.  I have several thoughts at once.  Do I run up to my car and start shouting obscenities?  Did I leave anything of value in my backseat?  Seriously?  I've already had enough car trouble this week.

Then I realize that someone is putting things INTO my backseat...namely balloons.  Balloons that say "Happy Birthday" so I decide to kindly ask the person what they are doing instead of delivering the verbal assault that was on the tip of my tongue.'s not my birthday.  So now I am confused.

I walk all the way up to my car and glance at the license plate which is in fact, not mine.  It turns out my blue Corolla was parked in the same spot in the NEXT row.  Oops!

Glad that I didn't embarrass myself in public, I drove home and assumed the correct parking position for an impending blizzard.  Back into the spot, windshield wipers up, and bring the snow brush in the house.  Last winter when I was an amateur apartment dweller, I spent many a frustrating hour shoveling out my car.  This year, I have gone pro...even the neighbors are copying my style!

So for now, I am tucked away in my apartment with all my single girl blizzard essentials:
comfy sweats
Spaghetti O's
chocolate chip cookies
Netflix Instant Queue
new nail polish
a bottle of wine

Here's hoping that it snows 12-18 inches of light fluffy snow and that the power remains on. 

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