Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In Honor of the Facebook Guy Being Named Person of the Year...

I present tonight's convo with T via Facebook chat:

T:  Remember annoying (name removed to protect the annoying) I was telling you about yesterday???
Tblah blah blah...stupid bitch...blah blah blah.
T:  I have had 3 glasses of wine... sorry for my rage.
A:  Haha...Don't you have to teach tomorrow?
T: wish I could blog about my rage.
A:  I know...I need a totally anonymous blog where I can just bitch and bitch and bitch.
T:  I was just saying the SAME exact thing to J and he told me I could be Gossip Girl.
A:  Yeah but in real life people would figure out who you were.
T:  True...I am SO mad...something else happened...
A:  Relax...have another glass of wine.
T:  That is HORRIBLE advice!

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