Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Homemade Christmas: Part XCMLVII*

*I promise to learn how to correctly use Roman Numerals...someday.

Today I embraced my geekiness and made ornaments for my tree out of an old antique Scrabble game.  They were really a joint effort as my Dad rocked the table saw while I practiced my glue gun skills. 

Yes, I use my midget ironing board as a craft table.  I also made some paper ornaments that I will share after I hang them up...but here is a preview.

My apartment now smells like sugar cookies (thanks to Yankee Candle) and I caught Charlie Brown's Christmas on TV tonight so my Scrooge-ness is being held at bay.  I think once I get my tree and my apartment smells of pine or fir or spruce (I am unclear on why there isn't just one type of Christmas tree) I will be feeling like Buddy the Elf...mmm spaghetti!

1 comment:

  1. part 90 1000 57? We will have to have a lesson on the Roman Numerals. - Nicole


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