Saturday, December 4, 2010

Minibook: Amsterdam 2004 Edition

Remember back in October when I was SFE that I had uncovered some thought-to-be-long-lost-pictures from my backpacking days in Amsterdam? I spent today in The Sticks Western MA doing crafty things with some BFFs and I put the finishing touches on my Minibook: Amsterdam 2004 Edition! (I use the term minibook loosely as it actually measures 8x6 in.)

Obviously I am partial but I think it is pretty fantastic.

DISCLAIMER...should you feel compelled to quit your job, kidnap some friends, head to Holland, frolic among tulips, pet some goats, eat cheese while wearing clogs, swim in a canal, or smoke weed if front of a windmill...please let me know in advance so I can send my résumé to your employer.


  1. I LOVE THIS SOOOOO MUCH!! Even if I wasn't there, the stories that were told then and still to this day made me feel as if I were there :) Thanks for sharing this and awesome job! I especially love the pictures with goats and eating cheese!

  2. Wow this was AMAZING! I feel like I should print all the slides and bind them into my own mini book. I know that it would violate your copyright rules, but I just couldn't do a better job myself!!

    This brought happy tears to my eyes! It's hard to describe what I felt in that little town next to Amsterdam, but your collage of rainbow/chocolate/windmills/cows/tulips/green grass evokes it all. Not to mention all the fun we had in Amsterdam. This was such a special and memorable trip!!

    How could anyone not be happy in a country like Holland? We even had an ex-policeman at the front door of the hostel, so we were happy AND safe! And we never even complained about the poor dinners... In fact we shared with the ducks :P I would redo that trip again and again and I wouldn't change a thing!


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